An evidence-based cancer nutrition therapy program.

It is estimated that almost 80% of cancer patients have malnutrition and at least 25% of all cancer related deaths are due to malnutrition. Many patients start their chemo or radiation treatment malnourished and the destructive impact of treatment on healthy cells can exacerbate the downward spiral. Yet abundant scientific research shows that regular nutrition guidance and counseling throughout the duration of treatment has a tremendous positive impact on clinical outcomes, treatment completion and quality of life for patients. 

The Science

Nearly 50% increase in survival


A 2012 randomized control trial of colorectal cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy showed that individualized nutrition counseling improved median overall survival by 2.4 years.

40% less weight loss during cancer treatment

Patients undergoing chemo-radiation for esophageal cancer receiving nutrition interventions on average improved treatment completion by 40% and reduced unplanned hospitalizations by one-third.

Care4ward Personalized Nutrition Therapy

Clinical studies show how nutrition therapy can help.

Nearly 80% of people with cancer by the time they are diagnosed, suffer from malnutrition. Clinical studies have shown that avoiding malnutrition and staying at the right weight can increase both effectiveness of cancer therapies and improve outcomes and survival. Care4ward's mission is to enhance quality of life for our patients bringing the human touch back to serious medicine.

33% decrease in cancer treatment breaks

A 2010 study shows that head and neck cancer patients in chemo-radiation treatment receiving early nutrition guidance showed a 33% reduction in treatment breaks (of more than 5 days). 

Real-time symptom reporting improves cancer survival 

A 2016 Sloan Kettering Memorial study of patients in outpatient chemotherapy who used a simple tech tool to report their symptoms at least once a week survived a median of 5 months longer. 

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