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Care4ward emerged out of a strong need and a desire to make a real difference in lives of people with cancer, to provide data driven, evidence-based, personalized nutrition care to people undergoing treatment for cancer.

Nearly 80% of people with cancer by the time they are diagnosed, suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition creeps up because of the tumor and also due to cancer treatments, which often is trying to kill the rapidly growing tumor cells, the collateral damage being the healthy cells in the body. As a result, malnutrition magnifies treatment side effects and can make it harder to get through treatment on schedule, impacting both treatment response and recovery.

Analogous to a leaky boat trying to cross a river, malnutrition often is the leak that disrupts the cancer treatment journey. We at Care4ward aspire to make the cancer treatment journey as uneventful and smooth as possible. Clinical studies have shown that avoiding malnutrition and staying at the right weight can increase both effectiveness of the cancer therapies and improve outcomes and survival.

We as clinicians, as scientists, as survivors understand that cancer treatments are amongst the most stressful and debilitating times for most patients. No handouts or books are going to cut it for the patients. Instead we pair our patients with registered dietitians specializing in cancer nutrition, who provide tailored support and guidance throughout the duration of cancer treatments, empowering patients to become hands-on participants in their healthcare.

Rakshit Sharma, MD, is Care4ward’s Founder and CEO. He is committed to improving human health and disease conditions through science and sustainable innovation. When he is not advocating for cancer patients, his toddler twins keep him focused on their priorities.

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