For Health Plans

A more complete oncology program at lower cost.

For insurers, improving the case management model and quality of care for patients is a continuous process.  In order to remain competitive, forward-thinking health plans innovate by looking at programs that deliver care in new ways, decrease the volume of claims and improve outcomes.


It is widely recognized that cancer patients can be among the mostly costly to the healthcare system with oncology a significant cost driver. Medical nutrition therapy that is delivered on a regular basis has been shown to positively impact multiple parameters of patient care:

  • Chemotherapy/radiation tolerance

  • Quality of life

  • Hospital admissions

  • Hospital length of stay

  • Mortality

»  Improve survival by nearly 50%

»  Reduce hospitalization by nearly 30%

»  Support 40% less weight loss during treatment

»   Improve treatment completion by 40%


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Consider the cost savings around each of these statistics. Numerous clinical studies are published where the evidence is clear that targeted nutrition for cancer patients during treatment can:

We are here to help. Now is the time to integrate Care4ward’s medical nutrition therapy program as part of your oncology benefits for cancer patients.

How nutrition therapy can reduce costs for health plans:
  • ER visits

  • Direct hospital costs

  • Admissions/re-admission

  • Length of stay (LOS)

  • Consultations/Medications

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