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Better care for employees with a cancer diagnosis.

In today's economic climate, self-insured employers are looking for ways to control healthcare costs. At the same time, employers compete for top talent. A comprehensive benefit plan can be a key advantage to attract and retain employees. With Care4ward you can offer an innovative, proven benefit to your employees and their families. A personalized medical nutrition therapy program will improve quality of life for your employees as they go through cancer treatment. This plan will also maximize their treatment impact. helping them to feel better and continue to be productive at work. Since the Care4ward program is delivered via telemedicine, including regular calls with our registered dietitians, this benefit will not add time away from work for medical appointments, a necessary part of any cancer treatment plan.

Why do self-insured employers choose Care4ward?

Forward thinking employers recognize that caring for your workforce with comprehensive healthcare benefits supports organizational success. Here's how the Care4ward program comes into play:

»  Increase employee satisfaction
There are 1.7 million new cancer diagnoses every year. The proven way to help your workforce is to offer the best care available through a robust cancer care benefits plan.

»  Lower healthcare costs

Rising healthcare costs are rampant. In clinical studies, cancer patients who received nutrition interventions reduced unplanned hospitalizations by nearly 30%. A single ER visit that results in an overnight stay can exceed $4,500.

»  Support employee productivity

With personalized and consistent medical nutrition guidance, cancer patients experienced 60% fewer treatment side effects and a 40% improvement in treatment completion rates.

To learn more about the science behind the Care4ward program, click here.

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